Our Work

Qué hacemos
  • Socio-educational centres, homes and programmes for young people involved with the juvenile justice or child protection systems.
  • Educational and training centres and programmes, both academic and non- academic.
  • Healthcare centres, programmes and services to provide comprehensive care.
  • Pre-professional training and employment centres, programmes and services.
  • Training, prevention, mediation and intervention programmes for families in situations of vulnerability or social difficulties.
  • Specialised centres and programmes to provide comprehensive treatment for people with a drug addiction and former addicts.
  • Services and programmes for the comprehensive care of people in conflict with the law who are in detention, or recently released.
  • Development cooperation projects, especially in the areas of education, training and healthcare.
  • Research projects within all of Fundación Diagrama’s areas of intervention, actively collaborating with different Spanish and international institutions, organisations and universities.
  • Public campaigns providing information and raising awareness about the reality experienced by vulnerable social groups assisted by Diagrama.
  • Educational and awareness-raising campaigns promoting healthy lifestyles, volunteering, environmental protection and gender equality.

Additional Services

Fundacion Diagrama participates in a variety of organisations in order to develop some of its initiatives meant to provide a response to the social reality, as well as the needs of both the people and the entities Diagrama works with in its different intervention fields. All the profits from these societies are reinvested in Diagrama’s work assisting people who are especially vulnerable or in social difficulties. Currently, Diagrama participates in: