Social Responsibility

Responsabilidad Social

Fundación Diagrama has a working philosophy based on various core principles and beliefs regarding Corporate Social Responsibility. It focuses on ensuring that the activities of the organisation are part of a sustainable system that is both respectful and ethical regarding themes like the environment, social development, working conditions and Human Rights. In practice, this involves having, maintaining and constantly improving a comprehensive, responsible, transparent and externally-audited process of management and provision of social services.

Since 2006, Diagrama has been implementing a Quality Management System into each of its different services, and currently holds a Quality Management Accreditation in accordance to ISO 9001 and UNE 158101 regulations.

In addition, Fundación Diagrama works responsibly in the environmental, occupational, educational, informational and research fields. Some of the actions to highlight in this respect are: internal training programmes; programmes on workplace risk assessment, security and health in the workplace, and renewable energy and energy-saving measures; environmental awareness-raising; national and international research agreements, etc.

Our commitment, therefore, goes above and beyond the complete adherence to rules, regulations, and standards. We strive for excellence in our work, both internally and externally, aiming for our activities to have positive repercussions for the different parties involved and society as a whole.

Corporate Social Responsibility Chair

Fundación Diagrama believes that Corporate Social Responsibility ought to be one of the pillars of the philosophy and beliefs of any company, non-profit organisation, public administration, professional, student, and, in short, of society overall. Therefore, Diagrama, together with other organisations and administrations of the Region of Murcia, promoted the creation of the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility of the University of Murcia in 2011.

This Chair aims to provide an open space to any individual or organisation contributing to a sustainable, fair, collaborative and responsible where the keys to success are rooted in transparency, integrity and solidarity in the broadest sense. In order to realise this project, the department relies on a Research Team made up of Professors from the Departments of Economics and Business, as well as Law, together with professionals from various fields (the environment, equality, risk assessment, education, work, etc.), which allows for a multidisciplinary approach to the task at hand.

The development of the Corporate Social Responsibility Chair of the University of Murcia was prompted by the following organisations: Agromediterránea, the City Council of Molina de Segura, Fundación Diagrama, Fundación Cajamurcia, CAM, Fundación CEPAIM, Grupo Fuertes, Aguas de Murcia, Hero and the Council of Education, Training and Employment of the Government of the Murcia Region. Moreover, the following entities are collaborators: AJE Murcia, Amusal, Comisiones Obreras, CROEM, Proexport, Ucomur, UGT and UPA.