Remuneration of Senior Positions

Fundación Diagrama is a non-profit organisation which allocates its assets to carrying out social initiatives for society’s benefit. As such, the activities carried out by the organisation are regulated by Law 50/2002 of the 26th of December, on Foundations. Consequently, the members of the Board of Trustees of Fundación Diagrama work on an unpaid basis, as laid out by Article 15.4 of said law, which specifies that “the members of the Board of Trustees will fulfil their duties on an unpaid basis, notwithstanding the right to be reimbursed for certain expenses incurred by carrying out said responsibilities”.

As for the chief executives of the organisation, their remuneration falls under Group 0A of the table of salaries of the Collective Agreement upheld by Fundación Diagrama, published in the BOE (number 159, of the 4th of July 2013) which can be accessed in the section marked Collective Agreements.

At Diagrama, there are no specific contracts for chief executives, as defined by Royal Decree 1382/1985 of the 1st of August, which regulates the special work status of the management team. All managerial salaries are regulated according to the terms of the aforementioned Collective Agreement.