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The Chance Project

The CHANCE project, in which Fundación Diagrama participates as a partner, is currently in its final month of execution. Its main goal has been to support the implementation of effective community-based judicial measures for young people in conflict with the law across 6 EU countries: Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Finland and Spain. The project’s main activities have included the training of professionals working with young people in conflict with the law, raising awareness of the benefits of community-based measures within civil society, and the exchange of relevant specialised knowledge and best practices among participants.

In this way, the CHANCE project has benefitted professionals in justice services for young people, local authorities, and NGOs that implement community-based measures, as well as ultimately young people who are required to comply with a judicial measure.


Project manual

The CHANCE project manual contains more detailed information on the implementation of community-based measures for young people in conflict with the law in the partner countries, offering key information with regards to the justice systems in each of these participating regions, and examples of best practices from partners relating to community-based measures. The manual will soon be published on the project’s official website.

Awareness-raising campaign

The CHANCE awareness-raising campaign, ongoing throughout December, supports the project’s goals by promoting the benefits of community-based measures for both young people.

It is hoped that this awareness-raising campaign will help to achieve the project’s goal of ensuring that society understands the advantages of community-based measures and spread the CHANCE project message, “Every day is a 2nd CHANCE”, through social media posts that we encourage you to share with the hashtags #everydayisa2ndchance #CHANCE and #Erasmusplus.


The second CHANCE training meeting took place online from the 14th-16th June and included presentations from partners and practitioners on the work they carry out with young people in conflict with the law in probation services and other community measures. The meeting also allowed for the sharing of good practices between partners and covered a wide variety of topics, including the structure and organisation of juvenile justice services, recreational activities as part of community-measures, and the case management process in probation services.


The third transnational partners meeting was held on the 12th-13th of October in Tampere, Finland, hosted by partner organisation Silta-Valmennus. Attendees had the chance to see the positive effects of community-based learning and rehabilitation measures in action by visiting several youth workshops, as well as hearing talks from professionals within Finland´s justice system. In addition, the TPM enabled partners to plan the final stages of the project and discuss their experiences thus far.


Partners have also hosted national training events related to the CHANCE project in each of the participating territories during December. Fundación Diagrama held theirs online on Thursday 16, in which the activities carried out in the project and the types of community measures used in these countries were presented.

Final Conference

Final Conference

The CHANCE Final Conference took place on the 10th December in mixed mode (in person in Athens and online) to accommodate multiple speakers and attendees from different EU countries. The event started off with an overview of the CHANCE project and the activities implemented by the project’s 9 partner organisations, sharing the project’s results and outcomes. In addition, case studies were used to illustrate the positive impact of community-based measures, such as those in which sports and art were used a means of rehabilitation and social integration. You can find more information and access a recording of the whole event on the project's Facebook page.


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