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Professional Training

Professional training is instrumental to promoting the employability of students and workers in a constantly changing labour market and reinforcing the efficiency of organisations, as the workforce is a key factor for success.

In this field, Fundación Diagrama is authorised to carry out various courses with regards to obtaining Professional Certificates officially approved by the Spanish National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications. These certificates, organised according to their professional field and qualification level, accredit the skills they provide in order to validate the recipient as able to perform an identifiable labour activity within the productive system.

Currently, Fundación Diagrama is accredited to offer the following regulated professional training:


  • Installation and maintenance of gardens and green areas.
  • Assistant activities in gardens and garden centres.
  • Assistant activities in agriculture.
  • Assistant activities in forest conservation and recovery.

Sociocultural and Community Services

  • Healthcare support for dependent individuals in social institutions.
  • Running professional training programmes for employment.
  • Promotion and socio-educational intervention for individuals with a disability.
  • Promotion of effective equality between men and women.
  • Occupational integration of individuals with a disability.
  • Cleaning of surfaces and furniture in buildings and facilities.
  • A1 English.

Administration and Management

  • Recording methods and treatment of data and documents.
  • Support services regarding administrative and general services

Construction and Civil Works

  • Decorative painting in construction.
  • Construction factories.

Energy and Water

  • Assembly and maintenance of solar thermal facilities.

Other training

  • Level 2: Key Skills for Professional Certificate (with Languages)
  • Level 2: Key Skills for Professional Certificate (without Languages)
  • Level 2: Communication in Castilian Language
  • Level 2: Mathematics
  • Level 2: Foreign Languages (English)

With a view to facilitating the professional training and personal growth of the population, Fundación Diagrama also develops training activities for professionals and specialised courses which allow them to obtain and perfect professional skills in the social, educational, judicial and health fields.

Similarly, in its capacity as an expert organisation in the field of Juvenile Justice, Fundación Diagrama carries out supplementary training activities intended for the technical teams of Public Administrations. These include prevention and intervention workshops in juvenile delinquency, especially in school-based violence or that of children towards their parents or guardians.