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Collective Agreement

In collaboration with Union representatives, Fundación Diagrama constantly seeks to improve working conditions within the organisation, with a view to establishing a suitable balance between professional dedication, rights, obligations, remuneration and family life. In this sense, after more than two years of negotiation and with difficulties added on by the pandemic, an agreement was reached by Fundación Diagrama and the Union representatives from CCOO and UGT to update the organisation’s previous Collective Agreement.

The BOE from 9/2/2021 published Fundación Diagrama’s Collective Agreement regarding the field of Juvenile Reform and Protection of Minors between 2018 and 2022. This Agreement entails a guarantee of pay rises for everyone who works in Fundación Diagrama and convergence with retributive levels of the reference sectoral agreement, maintaining its own characteristics and social improvements which already distinguished working relations within Diagrama: paid absence, work-life balance, equality of opportunity, maternity and paternity leave, amongst other measures.

The agreement allows Fundación Diagrama to continue working for the benefit of the people it assists, assuring the viability of all projects undertaken, maintaining suitable working conditions for the professionals to which the cited Agreement applies, adapting to the current socioeconomic situation and protecting job security.

Additionally, the BOE (State’s official bulletin) from 11/2/2021 published the Regulatory Collective Agreement of Working Relations in Fundación Diagrama(Convenio Colectivo Regulador de las Relaciones Laborales en Fundación Diagrama), a document which extends the reach of agreements previously applying only in the field of juvenile reform and protection of minors, to every sector in which Fundación Diagrama works. These agreements are therefore considered as basic and inherent to workers’ conditions in Fundación Diagrama, and thus, its effects apply to the entirety of its workforce, regardless of their role.

Therefore, the regulation applicable to workers in Fundación Diagrama henceforth will be that which is contained within the Collective Agreement corresponding to each workplace, as well as that which is contained within its Regulatory Agreement, which is set up as an additional framework of guarantees clearly identifying workers within Fundación Diagrama in issues such as the prevention of work risks, training, vacancies and promotion of equality.

Below you can consult the entire text of the two agreements mentioned.