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Socio-Healthcare Area

Área sociosanitaria

Fundación Diagrama’s Socio-Healthcare Area promotes and develops centres, services, initiatives and actions aimed at satisfying the needs of every person that requires simultaneous and continuous personal and health care.

Using a model in which health is understood globally (physically, mentally and socially), these centres comprehensively attend to the psychosocial and medical needs of every group that requires this intervention: elderly people in a situation of dependency; people with a physical or mental disability; people with addiction issues; patients requiring palliative care; and people with mental health issues.

The basic principles of the Socio-Healthcare Area are as follows:

  • Personalised support, in terms of the specific needs, characteristics and capabilities of the individual.
  • Flexible care, adopting a dynamic approach which requires adaptation to emerging needs as they develop.
  • Normalisation of an approach to daily life which takes into consideration the day-to-day needs of citizenship.
  • Stimulation of the person’s capabilities, as well as protection factors and resilience.
  • Promotion of the ability to choose.
  • Encouragement of participation, developing activities where older people are able to take part in activities suited to their socio-cultural environment.
  • Support for qualified professionals, willing to work within a team.
  • Collaboration with the rest of agents involved in the care of the individual.

Within the Healthcare Area, Fundación Diagrama develops programmes, projects and initiatives related to the following:

  • Promotion of good health
  • Elderly dependents
  • Physically or mentally disabled people
  • Young people’s mental health
  • People with addiction issues
  • People with serious mental illness