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Socio-Educational Area

Área Socioeducativa

The main goal of the centres, projects and programmes in the Socio-Educational Area of Fundación Diagrama is to assist people in their acquisition of essential knowledge, skills, tools, principles and social standards of conduct and coexistence needed as part of a person’s growth and socialisation.

Young people and adults are offered a structured pedagogical and training framework which promotes education, learning and the development of values and positive behaviour, as well as personal and professional competence, so that they can develop in their personal, social, familial and work fields, in order to achieve an independent, responsible and satisfying lifestyle.

The Socio-educational Area is composed of the following fields of intervention:

  • Social prevention
  • Child protection
  • Children and young people in conflict with the law
  • Family support programmes
  • Women’s support services
  • Intervention with inmates and former inmates