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Day and Overnight Centres

Day Centre

The day centre is a healthcare and family support service that offers individualised day care programmes covering the basic personal, therapeutic and socio-cultural needs of people affected by different degrees of physical and/or psychological disabilities, thus allowing them to be assisted within their community.

This centre takes both a preventative and rehabilitative approach, and is intended for families who wish to continue to care for their older relatives whilst maintaining their careers. It also works for the benefit of society in general, in an attempt to reduce institutionalisation and improve the quality of life of the individuals who take advantage of this service.

  • Centro de Día de Mayores 'San Juan de Ávila', Almodóvar del Campo (Ciudad Real).
  • Centro de Día 'Las Fuentes', Marchamalo (Guadalajara).
  • Centro de Día para Mayores 'María de la Paz', Nerva (Huelva).
  • Servicio de Estancias Diurnas en la Residencia 'Nuevo Azahar', Archena (Murcia).

Overnight Centre

This is a centre where older people stay overnight, while being capable of independent living during the day. Although this type of resource is not widely available, it is much needed nowadays, and is growing in importance due to demand amongst families taking care of dependants.