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Fundación Diagrama is aware of the importance of generating knowledge related to its main areas of intervention, and thus works in the promotion, development, and dissemination of research aimed at generating effective strategies for improving the assistance of the people we work with.

Scientific research helps us to better understand our reality, in order to find solutions to the complex situations that we face, always working from an evidence-based approach following a strict methodology.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that Fundación Diagrama carries out both basic and applied research. Diagrama works both in the analysis of reality and how society sees itself, and in the search for concrete solutions and results which can be used to resolve problems, thus improving quality of life.

The organisation’s principal actions in this field are as follows:

  • Carrying out research related to the areas in which Fundación Diagrama operates.
  • Dissemination of studies, research, reports and other publications, with a view to making this knowledge accessible to wider society.
  • Encouraging teamwork and collaboration with other organisations and research centres.

Until now, Fundación Diagrama has carried out more than 60 research projects, both independently and in collaboration with other national and international organisations, from which around 100 publications have been published.

Research at national level

Research at European level