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Professionalism and Commitment Awards

The Fundación Diagrama’s Professionalism and Commitment Awards (Galardones Profesionalidad y Compromiso) were established in 2011 for the 20th Anniversary of the organisation, with the aim of being a recognition and appreciation of the professionalism, dedication, effort, responsibility and the social, human and philanthropic commitment of those individuals or organisations who, through their work, contribute to a fairer and more caring society.

With these awards, Fundación Diagrama seeks to offer an incentive and an encouragement to the individuals and organisations for them to continue on their path of solidarity and contribution to society. In addition, this recognition serves to raise awareness amongst society of the necessity to dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of fair, balanced, responsible resolutions to the problems which affect the most vulnerable.

The awards, held nationwide every two years, are agreed upon by by the Board members of Fundación Diagrama. These awards are an honorary recognition, with no financial or material reward associated. Awardees receive a commemorative trophy and a certificate, which states their name, the edition, and the nature of the award.