Professionalism and Commitment Awards - 2021 Edition

Galardones Profesionalidad y Compromiso - Edición 2021

The 6th Edition of the 'Professionalism and Commitment' Awards coincides with the 30th anniversary of the beginning of Fundación Diagrama's activity. Thirty years of social work by all our workers for the well-being of people in vulnerable situations that we want to celebrate with a special national edition, which recognises a series of entities and professionals who have played a fundamental role in the construction of a more just, egalitarian and committed society throughout these decades.

Given the security measures that still need to be followed due to COVID-19, this time there was no in-person ceremony, but rather the Awards were held online.


Presentation video of the 2021 'Professionalism and Commitment' Awards. Fundación Diagrama's 30th anniversary.


Video of the speech by Mr. Francisco Legaz Cervantes, Chairman of Fundación Diagrama

Speech by Mr. Francisco Legaz Cervantes


Center for Legal Studies

For its extensive experience and professionalism in the initial and continuous training of prosecutors, lawyers and the personnel at the service of the administration of Justice, being the reference institution at the national level for consultation, specialisation and updating of knowledge in legal and jurisprudential doctrine.

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General Council of Colleges of Educators and Social Educators

For the essential educational and socialising work carried out by its professionals, especially with children and adolescents in vulnerable situations, contributing to their personal, human and community development from an intervention model focused on principles such as equality, solidarity, cooperation, plurality and responsibility.

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General Council of Psychology of Spain

For the essential work of its professionals to achieve the personal and psychological well-being of the people they serve and of society as a whole, both throughout their extensive career and in the current situation, in which they are contributing decisively to recovery after the pandemic; for its commitment to continuous training and scientific research; and for its work to raise awareness about the importance of mental health, eradicating taboos and associated prejudices.

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General Council of Social Work

For its tireless fight in the defence of social work as a fundamental axis on which to sustain the well-being of the most vulnerable groups, especially the migrant population; and for consolidating a professional collaborative model that provides people at social risk with access to those resources that allow them to improve their living conditions and contribute to building their future.

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National Police Corps

For its vocation of service and tireless professional work, and highlighting its collaboration with professionals from the Juvenile Justice and Child Protection systems; its support and advice to foreign children and young people; its protection and accompaniment of victims of gender violence; and its fight against exploitation and violence directed at boys, girls, youth and women.

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Judicial School of the General Council of the Judicial Power of Spain

For its essential work of theoretical and practical training of the professionals who make up the judiciary, which has allowed thousands of people to be trained in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, specialised and continuously updated manner in all those essential knowledge and skills needed to offer to the citizenship high quality justice.

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ANAR Foundation

For having spent more than five decades working tirelessly in favour of the promotion and defence of the rights of children and adolescents in situations of risk and distress, promoting projects that favour their well-being both in Spain and Latin America and making exemplary use of the new technologies to continue developing and reinforcing its admirable work.

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Gypsy Secretariat Foundation

For its exemplary work in the social and labour inclusion of people from the Roma community, facilitating their access to rights, services, goods and social resources on equal terms with the rest of the citizenry. For defending cultural diversity from respect, tolerance and non-discrimination, actively working in the active and fair development and equal opportunities of this population.

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Civil Guard

For its invaluable work to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens. For its support and collaboration in caring for children and young people in conflict with the law and in monitoring and estimating the risk of women victims of gender violence. And for promoting and delivering prevention and awareness activities aimed at groups in vulnerable situations.

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José Luis Gallego García

For his more than 30 years of professional career in which he has worked to sensitise and raise awareness in society about the importance of caring for, respecting and conserving the biosphere, disseminating his knowledge in this field through an extensive literary work and a wide media presence that have made him an essential figure in the field of environmental disclosure.

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Lares Federation of residences and services of the solidarity sector

For the admirable work of its more than 650 members in caring for elderly, dependent, disabled or at risk individuals, showing permanent dedication and professionalism in improving the lives of these groups. Their commitment to active aging and collaborative work in the third sector are other fundamental pillars with which they contribute to the well-being of society.

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Pau and Marc Gasol and the Gasol Foundation

For actively working, through the Gasol Foundation, in the prevention of childhood obesity through numerous research, awareness-raising and promotion of health and healthy lifestyles in boys and girls; and for being also a reference and an example to follow for several generations of young people, both in sports and in human terms.

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Spanish Volunteer Platform

For making the values of volunteering known to society in a close and positive way, generating a solidarity and committed work fabric marked by generosity, empathy and companionship, and giving thousands of people the opportunity to grow at a professional and personal level.

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Addiction Care Network (UNAD)

For bringing together more than 200 entities that offer an essential service to our society, supporting, helping and caring for people affected by addiction problems in all aspects of their recovery. And for its tireless work in raising social awareness, training social agents and doing scientific research to advance in this area.

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Spanish Society for Criminological Research

For promoting criminological research over the last decades, both in the academic and institutional fields, promoting and reinforcing its development and recognition in our society from a scientific point of view, and awakening the interest and vocation of youth for this career path.

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Military Emergency Unit (UME)

For contributing in a key way to the well-being and security of millions of citizens in any area of the national territory through its intervention in situations of environmental catastrophe or in crisis such as that caused by the pandemic, always showing a strong commitment and an exemplary dedication to do its admirable work.

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Workers of Fundación Diagrama during its 30-year history

Because of the sensitivity, humanity, closeness and dedication with which they have carried out and continue to carry out their work during these 30 years, assisting children, young people, families, women, the elderly and other people in vulnerable situations or in social difficulty, contributing with their experience, knowledge, professionalism, affection and human values to the development, autonomy and full integration of those assisted.

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People assisted by Fundación Diagrama during its 30-year history

For representing the values and principles of responsibility, respect and solidarity that Fundación Diagrama has sought to transmit since 1991 in all care and personal development processes. For allowing us to be participants in the success of their life projects, achieved with perseverance and dedication. And because their example gives strength and enthusiasm both to our team of professionals and to the people we continue to serve.

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'Professionalism and Commitment' Honour Award

Health personnel who have intervened during the COVID-19 crisis
For making available to society both their experience and professional dedication and their human commitment during the most important health crisis in recent decades, which they have faced with courage, effort, altruism, empathy and generosity. For providing hope, strength and encouragement to all those affected by COVID in a direct or indirect way, especially the most vulnerable, thus offering an unforgettable example of the ethical values that should promote a modern, inclusive and democratic society.

Represented by:

General Council of Official Medical Associations
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General Council of Official Nursing Associations
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