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Red Nodus

Red Nodus Compromiso Social


The Nodus Network, established by Fundación Diagrama, is a meeting point for citizens, companies and public and private institutions with a commitment to the comprehensive development of those people at risk of exclusion, especially young people who need support, guidance and employment.

This space functions as a collaborative system, free to use and open to all, whose work is focused on the areas of training, improvement of employability, socio-occupational integration, entrepreneurship, volunteer work, and the promotion of corporate responsibility, which supports social wellbeing.

Since its creation in January 2015, the Nodus Network has assembled a nationwide community of around 700 members —the majority of which are companies— and 450 volunteers, as well as more than 1000 contacts. Thanks to them, more than 700 hirings are made every year alongside more than 450 internships with companies and other organisations.