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Development cooperation

Fundación Diagrama carries out Development Cooperation projects in various geographic areas of Latin America and Africa, directed towards improving the quality of life of people in general and always upholding the defence and promotion of Human Rights. To this end, Fundación Diagrama works together with local parties that have experience in education, health, social participation and organisation, etc. in their respective countries.

For its part, within Spanish territory, Fundación Diagrama carries out initiatives concerning Awareness-Raising and Education for Development with the aim of spreading knowledge about disadvantaged countries throughout Spanish society, and encouraging reflection on the values and attitudes necessary to contribute to a more just and equal society.

Our work is framed within the following outlines:

  • Improving the situation and quality of life of the population living in conditions of poverty and social exclusion.
  • Contributing towards creating healthy living conditions in developing countries.
  • Facilitating care, education and social and work integration for children, teenagers, and young adults in situations of social risk.
  • Promoting the strengthening of local organisations, public institutions and civilian society to support work for sustainable human development.
  • Promoting research and education to achieve a better understanding of the situation and improve projects for the most excluded groups of society.
  • Spreading knowledge about the circumstances and difficulties faced by developing countries, and the transformations necessary to bring about change, to Spanish society.