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Nostrum Integra, S.L.

In 2018, Fundación Diagrama established the Nostrum Integra S.L. integration company, registered with the code 50/MU0005EL in the Administrative Registry of Integration Companies in the Region of Murcia. This organisation, which offers printing, production and publication services, collects and broadens the social work that Fundación Diagrama has been doing since 1999 under the commercial brand IM Nova. From the beginning, said printing house has been committed to vulnerable people and has promoted their training and integration into society and work.

As an integration company, IM Nova reinforces its training and professional development work aimed at people in situations of exclusion who need a push to reach their full integration, for which it is essential to help them better their employability. In this sense, a part of their staff is comprised of people in social difficulty. IM Nova also organises productive workshops and occupational training courses directed at this group, allowing them to acquire the necessary professional training and knowledge to enter the job market.