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Complementary Services

As a response to the social reality and the needs of both the people it supports and the organisations it works with in its various fields, Fundación Diagrama develops some of its initiatives through its participation in various societies.

The creation and start-up of each one of these societies has been carried out within the judicial framework applicable to foundations under state responsibility, particularly according to the regulations established in article 24 of Law 50/2002, from the 26th of December, concerning Foundations; and article 24 of the Regulation of Foundations, passed by Royal Decree 1337/2005, from the 11th of November. In compliance with said regulations, they are correctly registered in the Central Commercial Registry and communicated to the Protectorate of the Ministry of Work, Migration and Social Security.

All the profits obtained by these societies are reinvested into the care work developed by Fundación Diagrama for people who are particularly vulnerable or at social risk.