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‘Cuidado y Salud’ Home Support Services

Fundación Diagrama’s ‘Cuidado y Salud’ (Care and Health) Home Support Services offer assistance available in the home, so that individuals and their families can retain a certain level of independence as far as possible, thus improving their quality of life.

This service is aimed towards the elderly, people with a disability, families with particular needs, parents trying to maintain a work/family balance, and any other individual experiencing reduced personal independence on a temporary or permanent basis, who therefore requires support to carry out basic, day-to-day activities.

All our professionals have vast experience when it comes to home care, and they have the required qualifications for each position. Furthermore, Fundación Diagrama facilitates their continuous training and development, such that they carry out their work in the best way possible within a framework of good practices, always focused on the user.

Currently, our Home Support Services are accredited in the Region of Murcia, the Valencian Community and the province of Seville, offering the following services:

Personal Care
Personal Care
Domestic assistance
Domestic assistance
Other services
Other services
Preventative measures against COVID-19
Preventative measures against COVID-19

Personal Care

Projects related to personal care which are directed towards promoting and maintaining personal autonomy, encouraging suitable behavioural habits, and the acquisition of basic skills for personal development. These projects are related to:

Personal hygiene: cleanliness and personal hygiene, planning and education on hygiene skills, help in dressing.

Nutrition: help with eating and drinking, diet management, education on eating habits.

Mobility: help with getting up and going to bed, changes in posture, support for mobility inside the home, walks with therapeutic and social aims.

Special care: support in situations of incontinence, time-space orientation, managing the administration of medical treatment in coordination with health teams.

Help in family and social life: accompaniment inside and outside the home, support in domestic organisation, leisure activities inside and outside the home, all the activities that encourage the acquisition and development of skills, abilities, and personal and cohabitation habits.

Social work service: evaluation and diagnosis of the person, production of an individualised assistance plan, application for benefits, production of social reports, family mediation, educational tasks within the family environment (modifying behavioural patterns, improving familial situations).

Domestic assistance

Support and assistance projects in tasks related to care of the home and their belongings in order to build up personal autonomy. These projects are related to:

Nutrition: purchase and preparation of food.

Clothing: washing, ironing and arrangement of clothing, purchase of clothing when necessary.

Home maintenance: daily and general cleaning of the home, small domestic repairs (those which the person would perform under normal circumstances).

Other services

Accompaniment: Encouraging the person’s participation in leisure activities in their surrounding community, with the aim of avoiding loneliness or social isolation; hospital accompaniment to support and assist the person during their stay at hospital.

Family respite: A service which seeks to avoid the emotional and physical wear and tear which affects family members in the process of looking after a dependent.

Psychosocial and educational attention: Specific support for people who suffer from an illness, in terms of reducing their emotional problems and reconstructing their social and familial bonds; and educational attention to teach basic behavioural habits and skills that help users to develop themselves in an optimal manner in their daily lives.

Complementary Services: Different services of a special nature in the home.

  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Psychologist
  • Speech therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Tele-assistance
  • Chiropodist
  • Hairdresser

Preventative measures against COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fundación Diagrama has started up a new self-protection plan which is being added to the existing ones. This plan has been developed according to the recommendations of the health authorities, and a group of protection and security measures are compiled within it which have been adopted in all of the centres, programmes and services which the organisation manages, including the ‘Cuidado y Salud’ Home Support services.

The goal of this new plan is to avoid the spreading of infections and to protect the health and security of the workers and the people they look after.

Amongst the established preventative and protective measures for our team of professionals directly focused on assistance in the home, are the following:

  • Initial hand hygiene and taking body temperature:
    - Of the assisted person when the professional arrives at the home.
    - Of the professional upon leaving the home.
  • Training and specific information for the workers with respect to COVID-19.
  • The use of Individual Protection Teams (IPT) suited to the risk of exposure to COVID-19:
    - Respiratory protection (face mask).
    - Disposable protective clothing (gloves and lab coat).
    - Standard-issue footwear which will be put on at the entrance to the home, disinfected at the exit and not used when walking out onto the street.
    - Scrub jacket for each assisted person, which will be washed after each session.
    - Safety goggles.
  • Frequent handwashing and use of alcoholic gel.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and materials used during the home visit.
  • Maintenance of safe distance with the assisted people using the service.


Our headquarters are found in El Carmen neighbourhood, next to the petrol station of El Rollo.
C/ María Guerrero, nº 20 (bajo)
CP 30002 – Murcia


e-mail: info@csalud.es
Telephone numbers: 699 199 504 - 968 656 758

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