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Cooperation, Health, and Development

One of the main development cooperation projects of Fundacion Diagrama consists of the implementation of healthcare campaigns in African communities that have few resources, in collaboration with other entities that specialise in medical services, which carry out diagnostic consultations, surgical interventions in various fields, post-operational care and pharmacological treatments, as well as healthcare training and preventative work.  


International Juvenile Justice Observatory

The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) is a Belgian Foundation of Public Interest which has worked since 2002 to promote the rights of children and young people who come into contact with justice systems, and to encourage the implementation of the international standards that guarantee these rights. The IJJO is an open and collaborative space for research, exchange and dissemination of shared knowledge aimed at the improvement of juvenile justice systems and policies. 

Cada persona cuenta

El pasado 8 de enero, el programa Corazón Solidario de la televisión autonómica murciana 7RM emitió un programa monográfico centrado en la labor social que lleva a cabo Fundación Diagrama en la Región de Murcia. 

  • Fundación Diagrama: Comprometidos con las personas
  • Fundació Diagrama: Compromesos amb les persones
  • Fundación Diagrama: Comprometidos coas persoas
  • Diagrama fundazioa: pertsonekin konprometituta
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30 aniversario de Fundación Diagrama: 30 años trabajando por las personas
El programa de 7RM Corazón Solidario acerca la labor de Fundación Diagrama a la sociedad murciana
25 aniversario del Programa Labora de inserción sociolaboral en Andalucía