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Communication and Awareness-Raising

With the aim of informing society of the activities carried out by the organisation, and enable the development of a framework for reflection and awareness-raising on the social reality of the different groups we support, Fundación Diagrama organises a number of communication, dissemination, and social awareness-raising activities.

In addition to Fundación Diagrama’s own awareness-raising projects in our fields of intervention, Diagrama’s communication department works in the creation of informative content, as well as in the development of a system for open dialogue and participation with each one of its target audiences.

Currently, these tasks are carried out principally through Fundación Diagrama’s website, but also with its involvement in the foundation’s open days, training days, conferences and appearances in the media.

In this section, you will find all the news published on our website, as well as videos, articles, photos, and a list of awareness-raising activities carried out every year.