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The ‘ActiveGames4Change’ project will support young offenders (in custody and under community supervision) in the acquisition and usage of key competencies to facilitate inclusion, education and employability, by developing an innovative framework of learning environments and materials.

This project focuses the importance of incorporating sport and physical activity in correctional environments, in an effort to promote the physical, mental health and well-being of young offenders, as well as to strengthen their rehabilitation process.


  • To develop a more effective and attractive learning environment using sports and physical activity for youth in custody or community settings;
  • To introduce the ActiveGames4Change methods to increase the level of social inclusion and employability of young offenders, by introducing key competencies;
  • To improve social and citizenship literacy using the concept of “ActiveGames4Change” in juvenile (re)education centres or community settings;
  • To improve skills, including social and civic participation, and e-skills, acquired through non-formal and informal learning.

Expected Impacts

  • Young people who feel empowered through the development of social, emotional and citizenship skills;
  • Increased self-regulation skills and engagement with learning experiences;
  • An increase in the social inclusion and employability of young people in conflict with the law;
  • National juvenile justice systems with the ActiveGames4Change methodology embedded in their sport and physical activity programmes;
  • Raised awareness of policy-makers.

Execution dates: 31/12/2019 - 30/06/2022

Official website of the ‘ActiveGames4Change’ project