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The ‘VOICE: Making young adult offenders’ voice being heard at European level by increasing their knowledge about EU policy activities relevant to the youth field’ project is a cross-sectoral cooperation initiative which seeks to make heard the voices of young people in conflict with the law and from disadvantaged backgrounds. The project seeks to promote their empowerment and participation at both a European level, in EU policies that concern them, as well as in their own communities. In this manner, the project supports the new EU Youth Strategy (2019-2027).

In the framework of this project various young people will participate in different activities: workshops on the European Union and how to contribute as a citizen, Youth Dialogue meetings with key stakeholders of their communities, and youth mobilities gathering young people from Portugal, Lithuania, Spain, Romania, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Italy. Policy recommendations will also be drafted, entailing provisions on how to unlock the voice of young adults in conflict with the law and promote their participation in EU policy activities relevant to the youth field, thus enhancing these young people's social and human capital by giving them the opportunity to reveal their vision.

The project’s direct beneficiaries are 4 target groups: young adults deprived of liberty; young people from disadvantaged areas; youth NGOs; and staff from custodial centres and probation services.

Partners expect that the project will create the following results among the participating young people: strengthening their sense of EU citizenship; increasing their critical thinking and political literacy, democratic leadership, communication skills, and civic and emotional competences; and promoting the development of their life skills, which will have a true impact on their life plan.

Execution dates: 15/05/2021 - 14/05/2023

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