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The handbook

The countries that comprise the European Union periodically plan, carry out, and evaluate different actions in custodial centres with the goal of encouraging social rehabilitation and reintegration. One of the main objectives of this project has been studying and bringing together the actions and interventions that have demonstrated their effectiveness in the different participating countries.

Sharing this knowledge and experience makes implementing similar measures easier in the judicial systems of other countries, thus supporting the successful reintegration of those in conflict with the law.

The handbook produced within the framework of this project, ‘Inmate Reintegration: Compilation of Theory and Practices’, gathers several of these successful interventions from countries participating in the RE[ENTER] project: Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Romania and Finland.

In this way, the manual fulfils its purpose of contributing to the dissemination of good practices, both amongst the project partners and amongst other professionals and entities that can consult it. It is aimed at professionals and volunteers working in the processes of rehabilitation and reintegration of people who are completing or have completed custodial sentences.

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