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The aim of the ‘Child-Friendly JT - The right of minors to information, translation and interpretation in criminal proceedings: Development of child-friendly justice tools’ project is to contribute to the effective application of European Union criminal law, specifically to promote the rights of children suspected or accused of a crime.

The project also contributes to the creation of tools that juvenile justice professionals may apply to guarantee the right to information and the right to interpretation and translation, in criminal proceedings.

Specifically, three information leaflets for children in conflict with the law have been created. These leaflets contain essential information about criminal proceedings according to each stage: police arrest, trial and pre-trial detention. Furthermore, these three leaflets have been translated in order to provide the same information to children who do not speak the language of the country they are in. The leaflets have been written in a simple and adapted language in order to enable children to participate properly in the criminal proceedings.

Three leaflets directed at parents or legal guardians with information about police arrest, trial and pre-trial detention have also been created, since parents play an important role when it comes to helping children understand criminal proceedings, as well as promoting their active participation in these proceedings.

These information leaflets have been translated into the 24 European official languages of the European Union, as well as into 3 non-official languages.

The effectiveness of these information leaflets has been tested through a pilot study.

A dissemination campaign has been carried out in order to distribute information leaflets and other relevant outputs to ensure that they reach all Member States.


  • Contribute to the correct implementation of Directive 2012/13/EU on the right to information in criminal proceedings, Directive 2010/64/EU on the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings, and Directive EU 2016/800 on procedural safeguards for children who are suspects or accused persons in criminal proceedings.
  • Promote child-friendly justice by improving the understanding that children in conflict with the law, as well as their parents/legal guardians, have of children’s rights and of relevant information in criminal proceedings.