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Family Meeting Points

Puntos de Encuentro Familiar

Family Meeting Points are free, universal, and specialised social services which aim to guarantee children’s right to a relationship with their parents and/or other authorised family members, when they do not live together as a result of separation, divorce or other possible obstacles to family cohabitation.

This resources are physical spaces with teams of professionals on hand who, through psychological, educational, and judicial intervention, work to normalise the relationship between the parties. As a result, contact between parents and their children -and other family members- can take place whilst maintaining their security and wellbeing.

Amongst other objectives, these resources facilitate communication between young people and their parents and help parents assume their parental responsibilities and rights, according to the communication and visitation conditions agreed.

Diagrama currently implements family meeting points in the provinces of Castellón, Alicante and Valencia, via a social agreement with the Department of Equality and Inclusion Policy of the Government of Valencia; as well as family meeting points with court derivation in Castellón, Vinarós and Villarreal, via public contract with the Department mentioned above.