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People who experience isolation and exclusion for reasons of health, disability, or unemployment face additional disadvantages in emergency situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Many do not have the capacity to use digital tools by themselves and rely on others to enable virtual contact.

Social and care workers supporting these groups need to be better trained to ensure these individuals can take their place in a digital world. This training includes digital communication and technological support skills that are essential when people under their care have no other way of keeping in touch with their families or support circles. It seeks to alleviate their loneliness and avoid mental health issues.

In this way, the role of these workers has changed, as they are expected to be able to perform digital tasks for which they often have no knowledge or training. The project “E-PROFID: Enhancing Professional Identity with Digital Tools” aims to equip social and care workers with the necessary skills for them to be able to digitally support people under their care. Using these skills, they will also be able to widen opportunities for these people through in-house projects that improve their creativity and job prospects.

Dates of execution: 01/03/2021- 28/02/2023

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